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China Finds The Orthodox Wig Industry

  • source:Meirhair;
  • Time:11/10/2021

Jewish law calls for women to cover their hair after marriage, and many religious women see wigs as a more subtle covering than hats or headscarves. And the hunt for the right wig — the one that makes you feel like yourself — can be exhausting and expensive.

For generations, wig shops in Orthodox neighborhoods run by Orthodox women known as sheitel-machers, were the only option, and in recent years they have charged anywhere between, on average, $1,200 to $5,000 for each human-hair wig to what has seemed like a completely captive market.


But social media and global e-commerce is starting to push back against their monopoly.



In Orthodox women’s Facebook and Whatsapp groups, members feverishly discuss how to buy wigs directly from China, where prices are typically $300 to $500 — a fraction of the prices in Brooklyn, N.Y., or Lakewood, N.J.. Search on using keywords like “kosher wig” or “sheitel”, and you’ll find many Chinese factories or manufacturers selling kosher wigs to Orthodox women looking for ways to cut costs.
China is the largest manufacturer of wigs and extensions. More and More Orthodox women starts to purchase kosher wigs online from China. They could get  natural wigs just like own growing hair at lower price than their local hair store. 
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