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How To Ventilate A Silk Top Lace Wig ?

  • source:Meirhair;
  • Time:02/15/2022

Hand tied full lace wigs look more natural than machine made wigs. And the machine-made wigs are made with a fan weft, which also creates a comfortable feeling. The stretch weft and the space between the weave can create venting It has no stretch capability, venting is the method of attaching the braids to the lace substrate, adding to the integrity of the wig. If you have a silk top lace wig, you'll want to find out how to ventilate it properly before wearing it. You'll need to use a ventilating needle and fold the lace front. Then, take a comb and weave two or four strands of hair together. Pull them tight and continue on to the next hole on the lace base. Repeat until the entire head of hair is completely covered with a veil.




If you're new to wig making, one of the most important tools you'll need is a wig needle. You'll need a short and a long lace holder and a lace holder to insert the needles. Both of these tools are essential for ventilating lace hats, so be sure to choose the right ones for your hair type and scalp. our silk top wigs are made with an air vent at the front that will keep the wig dry and comfortable. The material is about four inches wide and does not cover the entire wig. Instead, it begins 1/2 to 1 centimeter from the hairline. Before you can insert the lace wig, you'll need to insert a half to one centimeter of frontal lace. When you're done, the air vents will be open and you can ventilate your sexy wig.



Meirhair silk top wig is easy to ventilate and does not need any adhesives. Simply part your hair at the side and clip it on. It is easy and convenient. The best part of a silk top wig is that it is multi-directional, which eliminates the need to manipulate it to fit your head. And, a good silk top wig will allow you to part it in any direction with no problem. A silk top wig is not a lace wig, but it can be worn in the same way as a lace wig. The wig should be vented with a hair-ventilation device. A full lace sock wig is better than a lace sock if you can get it to breathe well. By keeping the wig ventilated, you avoid the need to manipulate the wig.


The last thing to remember when ventilating a silk top wig is to keep it dry. You can do this by leaving the wig on overnight. Another way to ventilate a lace wig is by allowing it to breathe. If you wear it frequently, you should place it in the sun's shade. The sun's rays will damage it. It is advisable to use a ventilation cap on the lace sock.

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