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We provide Kosher Wigs and Hair Extensions Wholesale.

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    Hair Extensions

    Wholesale a large variety of premium quality clip in hair extensions and tape in extensions at Jewishwigswholesale. We use an innovative keratin bonding method to attach the extensions to the natural hair and last up to four months. Flathead extensions and hand-tied wefts that take advantage of the non-slip ability of microbeads will also stay incredibly fresh for three to four months. Hair extensions allow you to enhance your natural hair and look. Whether you’re wearing an everyday style or creating a more glamorous look for a special occasion, our clip in hair extensions or tape in extensions have you covered.

    Clip In Hair Extensions

    Clip In Hair Extensions

    Designed with seamless wefts, our clip in hair extensions lie flat on your scalp for a discreet and flawless finish every time. Our clip in hair extensions are made from Remy human hair for an extremely natural look that blends perfectly into your hair for enviable length and volume throughout the day. Choose from a wide range of stunning natural colors in our clip in hair extensions collection.
    Tape In Extensions

    Tape In Extensions

    Tape in extensions come with pre-taped wefts made of medical-grade adhesive and are usually one inch wide. Similar to other type of hair extensions, tape in extensions can be made of real human and Remy hair or synthetic hair. For the most natural look and feel, 100% Remy human hair would be the best choice as the hair cuticle is intact, this reduces tangles, knots, and matting in your extension and allows you to style your extension more freely than with synthetic hair. Tape in extensions requires no tools or chemicals and lasts up to three months and the hair is reusable.
    Wholesale Hair Extensions

    Wholesale Hair Extensions

    Jewishwigswholesale offers a wide range of high-quality hair extensions wholesale. To match the root color with the best expansion, we use the color rings. Our hair extension color ring allows you to perfectly match your client's natural hair color to the right hair extension shade so that it blends perfectly and looks natural. Our color ring will give customers the ability to literally see the extensions and shades available.
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