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Magnetic Glue Eyelashes Buying Tips

  • source:Meirhair;
  • Time:03/09/2022

Magnetic glue eyelashes are a revolutionary new type of false eyelashes. They are easy to apply and stay on all day long. However, the adhesive strips can cause problems if they are not used correctly. Some people experience tearing of their real lash follicles, while others have trouble removing them. This is why proper care is needed. Follow these steps to successfully apply magnetic lash strips. If you experience any difficulty, contact a professional makeup artist.


To apply magnetic lashes, you simply insert your natural lashes between two magnetic strips. Then, you use a lash applicator to pick up each lash. To secure them to the eye, press the applicator's tip on the lash and gently press it to the lid. Once you have finished applying the lash strips, you can remove them. You will be amazed by how quickly these lashes can transform your eyes! The procedure for applying magnetic lashes is easy. All you need is some time to make the glue stick to the lash follicle. To make the lashes look as natural as possible, you can either apply mascara or apply the adhesive using the eyelash applicator. If you have never done this before, it's probably not the best idea for beginners. You may want to go to a professional makeup artist instead.


Another way to apply magnetic lashes is to apply eyeliner with a special lash applicator. To apply them, simply place them on the lash applicator's tip and hold them on for a few seconds. This way, they won't be falling out or rubbing your eye. The best part about magnetic lash application is that you don't have to worry about irritation or downtime. You can also reapply the adhesive easily if you decide they need to be removed later on. Magnetic lash application is easy. After applying the adhesive, the magnetic eyelash applicator holds the magnetic lashes in place while you apply makeup. After you've applied the adhesive, simply remove the magnetic lash applicator and you're ready to go.


The adhesive will stay on the lash tip and won't fall off. After the glue has dried, you can apply your magnetic lashes and you're all set to go! Our magnetic lash kit has 10 pairs of eyelash extensions. Each set contains thick, fluttery, and bold lashes. You can also use the adhesive to make eyeliner on your lash line. You can reapply the magnetic lash kit several times. Once you've finished your application, you can reuse your magnetic lashes. They can be reused, so they're more economical than the famous lash extension brand.


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