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What Is A Jewish Wig ?

  • source:Meirhair;
  • Time:07/01/2022
Why do Orthodox Jewish women wear wigs after marriage?
“Modesty is a very fundamental value in Jewish life. From an early age, children are taught to act, speak and dress modestly, expressing the refinement of Jewish life and a connection to God. The outer self is covered in a humble and dignified way, allowing the inner self to shine. Judaism focuses on inner qualities, not appearances. For example, if someone asked me to describe a friend, would I describe her as medium height, blonde, and curvy? Or would I describe her as kind, witty, generous, and open?
By covering our bodies with humility - the focus is on the true self, no distractions. Another Jewish value is that the more sacred and special something is, the more it is wrapped and hidden with care and love. The laws of humility apply to both men and women, and the different expressions of humility reflect their unique nature. When a woman marries, she unites with her other soul half and acquires a new kind of holiness.
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