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What Is A Sheitel Wig ?

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  • Time:07/01/2022

What is a sheitel?

"A sheitel is the Yiddish term for wig. Observant Jewish women cover their hair after marriage with a wig or other hair covering." 
Many people are unfamiliar with Jewish wigs. These wigs are a way for Jewish women to cover their hair and maintain an attractive appearance. Wearing a wig allows a woman to feel good about her appearance, knowing that no one will look at her. It creates a private space where a woman can be proud of herself. Modesty is important to Jewish people, as they believe that inner beauty needs modesty to flourish.


Orthodox Jewish women have worn wigs for decades. The Torah requires that a woman cover her head when she marries, and many communities have wig shops dedicated to the purpose. These stores are often run by Orthodox women, who also sell and repair the wigs. Until recent changes in social media, the wig industry was run by women for women. Today, there are a variety of companies offering Jewish wigs for purchase or rent.


Tznius in Yiddish


"Tznius" is an acronym for modesty, or privacy, in the Jewish language. This principle governs the way women dress, and is often the basis for dress codes in conservative religions. The purpose of modest dress is to avoid attracting attention, and to present oneself in a way that will not annoy other members of the community. While there are many different interpretations of this principle, covering the knees and elbows is considered a basic part of modesty.


Orthodox Jewish women cover their hair after marriage. Many opt for hats or scarves, but some choose to wear a wig. For these women, a kosher wig offers them the same protection as real hair. Shuly Wigs has many different styles, colors, and lengths available. If you're looking for a wig that meets the highest standards, you can find one at the Shuly website.

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