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    Wholesale Human Hair Wigs

    As China’s leading high-end wig wholesale supplier, we offer a variety of high-quality wig products, including Jewish wigs, lace top wigs, silk top wigs, silk hair toppers, hair extensions, and more. We focus on providing exceptional wig products to retailers and distributors to meet various market demands.

    Our wholesale wigs are made from human hair and are known for their outstanding quality and exquisite craftsmanship. Each strand of hair is meticulously selected and processed to ensure that our human hair wigs have a lifelike appearance and provide a satisfying wearing experience.

    Furthermore, we provide competitive wholesale prices while maintaining the high quality of our human hair wigs. We look forward to establishing long-term partnerships with clients of all sizes to jointly explore the potential of the wig market and ensure the lasting success of our cooperation.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. What are human hair wigs?

    A: Human hair wigs are wigs made from real human hair, providing a natural and realistic look and feel.

    2. How are human hair wigs made?

    A: Human hair wigs are made by hand-tying individual strands of hair to a wig cap.

    3. Where does human hair for wigs come from?

    A: Human hair for wigs often comes from various sources, including hair donations, temples, salons, and hair trade networks.

    4. How do human hair wigs differ from synthetic wigs?

    A: Human hair wigs are crafted from real hair, offering a more natural appearance and greater styling versatility compared to synthetic wigs.

    5. Why are human hair wigs more expensive?

    A: Human hair wigs are more expensive because they use real human hair, which is a premium material. They offer a more natural look and feel and require specialized craftsmanship.

    6. How long do human hair wigs last?

    A: With proper care, human hair wigs can last 1-2 years or even longer.

    7. How often should human hair wigs be cleaned?

    A: Typically, every 7-10 wears or when it’s visibly soiled.

    8. How to wash human hair wigs?

    A: Use a mild shampoo and cold water, comb gently to remove tangles, soak the wig in water, rinse with cold water, pat dry, and place on a wig stand to air dry.

    9. How to style human hair wigs?

    A: You can style human hair wigs like natural hair, using heat styling tools, cutting, and coloring.

    10. Do human hair wigs come in various lengths and textures?

    A: Yes, human hair wigs are available in a wide range of lengths, from short to long, and various textures, including straight, wavy, curly, and more, to suit different style preferences.

    11. What is the best way to store a human hair wig when not in use?

    A: It’s best to store a human hair wig on a wig stand or mannequin head to help maintain its shape and prevent tangling. Avoid exposing it to direct sunlight or extreme heat.

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