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    Jewish Wigs

    Jewish wigs should not only fit well but also look gorgeous and feel comfortable to wear. Jewishwigswholesale offers the finest quality human hair raw materials and custom styles that look as natural as their own grown hair. Orthodox Jewish brides wear kosher or sheitel wigs at their weddings because they must cover their heads when they marry. Orthodox women do not show their hair in public after their wedding, and they wear Orthodox Jewish wigs, known as sheitel wigs in Yiddish. They signal to their surroundings that they are married and that they comply with traditional notions of propriety. In our collection of orthodox Jewish wigs, you will come across all types of styles and colors.

    Orthodox Jewish Wig

    Orthodox Jewish Wig

    According to Jewish tradition, women must cover their hair completely. Why do devout Jewish women wear orthodox Jewish wigs? The reason for this is modesty. Especially when women get married, they must cover their hair in public. Her hair must be completely hidden so that no one can see her hair. Wearing an orthodox Jewish wig is a symbol of married women.
    The Effects of Wearing Sheitel

    The Effects of Wearing Sheitel

    Hair covering has a profound effect on the wearer. It creates a psychological barrier, a cognitive distance between her and strangers. Wigs work as intended precisely because wigs allow women to cover all of their hair while maintaining their glamorous appearance. Women can be proud of their appearance without compromising privacy. Even though her wig looks so real as to be mistaken for natural hair, she knows that no one is looking at the real her.
    Methods For Selecting Sheitel Wigs

    Methods For Selecting Sheitel Wigs

    If you are unsure of what type of sheitel you want, try searching online. Short sheitels come in all shapes and sizes. You should be able to find one that looks great on you. It is important to know the exact measurements of the sheitel and what it will look like when worn. If you don't know how to choose the sheitel wigs, make sure that the wig's dimensions are appropriate and contact us for guidance for you. In addition, custom sheitel wigs can be made at Jewishwigswholesale to match the exact size of your head.
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