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    Medical Wigs

    Medical wigs, also known as cranial hair prostheses, are specially designed for patients with hair loss due to medical treatment. There are many medical conditions that can cause moderate or severe hair loss. One of the main features of medical wigs is that they are carefully crafted by experts and do not irritate the scalp. Jewishwigswholesale’s medical wigs are designed from 100% human hair. Compared to other wigs, medical wigs have an incredibly natural look and are perfect for the patient’s own hair and skin tone. The purpose of medical wigs is not only to cover up the patient’s hair loss but also to provide the patient with maximum comfort and security.

    Medical Wigs Are Breathable

    Medical Wigs Are Breathable

    Medical wigs have stretch nets on the top and sides. This special design makes the whole wig breathable. Patients suffering from chemotherapy-induced hair loss and other scalp complications look for comfort while wearing a medical wig. Therefore, all materials used in medical wigs are soft and breathable to provide maximum comfort.
    Natural Effects

    Natural Effects

    One of the key benefits of wearing medical wigs is the natural feel the wig brings to medical patients. The front of a medical wig is made of a special material that is almost undetectable. Therefore, patients wearing medical wigs can rest assured that people will not notice the wig. Jewishwigswholesale, a skilled wig maker, crafts wigs in a way that looks like your own hair.
    Positive Impact on Patients

    Positive Impact on Patients

    Regardless of the type of medical wigs, wearing these wigs will make patients feel good and boost their self-esteem. Medical wigs aren't just known for their cosmetic effects. Various studies have shown that patients who wear medical wigs have positive effects on psychosocial aspects and enjoy life as before.
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