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    Silk Top Wigs

    Silk top wigs are also known as silk base wigs and are the most realistic and natural when it comes to wigs. The silk top wig has knots of strands hidden beneath the first layer, which is made of silk. The knot is then tied to the layer to make the wig look closer to your natural scalp. The hairs of the silk top wigs are injected between the silk material to hide the knots completely and also to look natural. With the silk base wig, there won’t be a need to bleach the knot to make them invincible as they already are. Jewishwigswholesale’s silk top wigs are a versatile option for youthful looks.

    Silk Top Wigs Are Chemical-free

    Silk Top Wigs Are Chemical-free

    The silk top wigs are free of any chemicals and contain only natural substances. Silk top wigs are like human hair with 97% protein, 3% fat, and wax, and it contains 18 amino acids that have a positive effect on human skin. Silk is the least allergenic of all fabrics, it does not attract dust mites and is resistant to dust, fungus, mold, and some other allergens.
    Silk Top Wigs Are Durable

    Silk Top Wigs Are Durable

    Compared to lace wigs, silk base wigs last longer. This is because its base is thicker and sturdier. Despite its delicate appearance, silk is a very strong natural fiber. The strength of a silk thread is equal to the strength of the steel wire of the same diameter. So the silk base wigs are really durable and can stay beautiful for many years.
    Easy Maintenance

    Easy Maintenance

    Taking care of a silk base wig does not require any kind of professional or special procedure, this is because they may look delicate, but they are strong. If you are going to use your wig often, you don't have to worry about monthly repairs all the time.
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