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We provide Kosher Wigs and Hair Extensions Wholesale.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. What are Jewish wigs?

    A: Jewish wigs are specially designed and crafted wigs, usually made from human hair, to meet the religious and aesthetic requirements of Jewish women.

    2. Why do Jewish women wear wigs?

    A: Jewish women wear wigs, known as “sheitels,” for reasons related to modesty and religious observance, covering their natural hair as a sign of respect for their faith and marital privacy.

    3. How are Jewish wigs different from regular wigs?

    A: Jewish wigs generally adhere to Jewish religious law, including specific requirements for hair origin, craftsmanship and appearance to ensure compliance with Jewish tradition.

    4. How are Jewish wigs secured in place?

    A: Jewish wigs can be securely fastened using various methods, including clips, combs, sewing, and other secure attachment techniques.

    5. Where does the hair for Jewish wigs come from?

    A: The hair for Jewish wigs typically comes from donations and adheres to specific requirements dictated by Jewish religious laws.

    6. How should Jewish wigs be maintained?

    A: Maintaining Jewish wigs usually involves regular washing, combing, and keeping them clean.

    7. Are Sheitels available in various styles and lengths?

    A: Yes, Sheitels come in a wide range of styles, lengths, and textures, allowing Jewish women to choose options that closely match their natural hair or achieve specific looks.

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